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Dear 140,000 residents of Gimcheon City and netizens around the world!
Hello, I am Myeong-ki Lee, chairman of Gimcheon City Council.

Welcome to the Gimcheon City Council website where we share out work and allow the residents to freely exchange their thoughts and opinions.

With a lot of desires and expectations for positive changes and innovation, the 9th Gimcheon City Council has finally opened.

In the process of choosing new servants of the city, we saw how mature our democracy is and how awake our citizens are, we heard the powerful voices demanding for innovative changes and, we felt people’s desires for a happy life.

Serving as the hall of people’s will, Gimcheon City Council will take a more bold path of innovation and reform based on people’s common sense and needs, maintain checks and balances on the executive body of the city administration while harmoniously cooperating with the city and, try its utmost to bring happiness to the residents and develop the city.

For the first time in 30 years since the opening of the first council, with newly implemented policies such as local councils’ independent authority over human resources and the policy support personnel system have layed a new foundation for grassroots democracy. So, by pursuing the true value of local autonomy, we will humbly bear the weight of the badges you have put on our chest.

Lastly, we would like to ask for your continued support and interest towards the 9th Gimcheon City Council.
Thank you.
Gimcheon City Council Chairperson Lee Myeonggi