always on the side of the citizens


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Chairperson Kim Sewoon

Always on

the side of

the citizens

Amid the support of our citizens longing for a new era of thrasformation, the Gimcheon City Council has opened. I am grateful to all people who has chosen me to assume the grave responsibility of charimanship at this juncture of important change toward local self-govemance and decentralization,

The voice of election is the voic of the nation. Your earnest desire was represented in each and every vote in the last election and we could read the mind of the citizens in there.

The 8th Gimcheon City Council promises that it will give heed to even the smallest voice of the citizens, work hard anytime anywhere to serve for people without losing its original resolution, bring all to the citizens'eye level, and fear for no change to become an innovative body.

Keeping in mind the Council mission that to help resolve citizens' difficulties and achieve long-desired wishes is to give them the senses of happiness and satisfaction. we, at the Council, will follow the desires of citizens by fully putting people's demands in the container of policy and building practical changes in lives.

Now, our city of Gimcheon stands at the beginning of the long journey that would determine its future, facing the opportunities of new challenge and transformation. I, on behalf of the Council, assure you that we will never forget the fact that we are the repersentatve body of the 150,000 citizens in Gimcheon and march forward to the bright future with ceaseless development together with the people on their side.

Dear citizens!
I ask you for the unchanging love and support to the 8th Council. We will always stand with you with the resolution at the first beginning.
Thank you.

Gimcheon City Council Chairperson Kim Sewoon