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Chairperson Kim Sewoon

Always on

the side of

the citizens

Dear 150,000 citizens in Gimcheon and netizens!
Welcome. I am SeYun Kim, Chairperson of the Gimcheon City Council.

On behalf of the Council, I am deeply grateful for your visit to the homepage and your great attention and support.

Opening amid high expectation and strong desire for a new era, the 8th Session of Gimcheon City Council has made diverse changes and trials to fulfill the roles of this Council. the hall of public opinion, for its priority of citizens’ happiness as the representative body of people. The Council has made its own way forward that has never been experienced before.

This year, particularly, the Council established a real-time broadcasting system airing every Council meeting to open and share information, laying the foundation for the citizens to join the Council processes as the practical main player of all of the Council’s political processes.

With the spirit of breaking the wrong and establish the right, the Gimcheon City Council will continue to seek bold innovations, reforms, communication and cooperation for its ultimate goal of citizens’ happiness.

With the commitment of initial resolution, the Gimcheon City Council will always be with the citizens, the center of every Council process. I, on behalf of the Council, ask for your unsparing support so that the Council can make a step further amid your trust and interest.
Thank you.

Gimcheon City Council Chairperson Kim Sewoon